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BOC delivers critical gas supplies to Whyalla

Gases and engineering company BOC and APA Group recently met the urgent
gas supply requirement in Whyalla by successfully injecting natural gas into a
section of the Whyalla Natural Gas network. BOC’s quick reaction allowed them to
deliver critical gas supplies to Whyalla Hospital and parts of Whyalla.

BOC’s LNG tankers can convert the liquefied natural gas they carry into
natural gas. Following the rupture of a branch line off the Moomba-Adelaide
pipeline, BOC’s expert technicians drove an innovative LNG tanker from Victoria
and injected the gas into a section of the Whyalla gas network to resume supply.

Alex Dronoff, BOC General Manager LNG explained that the priority was
supply for Whyalla Hospital. However, the volume being trucked in and injected
into the Whyalla network will also be able to supply some parts of the town temporarily.

APA Group representatives will visit each consumer property to reconnect
supply and re-light appliances. It is imperative that this only be done safely
by an APA Group representative.

According to Mr Dronoff, successfully arranging for the temporary gas
supply was a result of a rapid team response, with BOC and APA working closely
with Safe Work South Australia to ensure safety standards were met for the emergency

He added that BOC will continue to support APA in providing urgent gas
to Whyalla until the main pipeline is repaired.

BOC has an extensive LNG supply network along the East Coast of
Australia with LNG plants in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland.

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