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Bluetongue brewery uses intelligent wastewater treatment

CST Wastewater Solutions is partnering with Global Water Engineering (GWE) to deliver and install an extended wastewater treatment system for Pacific Beverages’ new Bluetongue brewery in New South Wales.

According to CST Wastewater Solutions Asia-Pacific leader, Mike Bambridge, the treatment system for the $120 million plant is a shining example for industry, involving best-practice water re-use standards.

The new wastewater treatment system also provides renewable energy for the brewery, reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.

“Water and energy are among the major contributors to production costs so becoming more self-sufficient in terms of water and energy has both environmental and financial benefits,” said Bambridge.

Bambridge says harvesting green energy from wastewater affords a project dual benefit. Treating the wastewater through the anaerobic digestion process provides the industry with a substantially treated effluent, he said. Secondly, the resultant biogas is valuable and can be used for cogeneration purposes.

When researching technologies suitable for wastewater treatment and biogas production, Bambridge recommends partnering with a reliable team from conceptual to implementation stage and beyond into the operation of the plants.

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