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Bison Gear launches new, user-friendly partner website

Motors and gears manufacturer Bison Gear & Engineering Corp has launched a new product website with expanded functionality and content for customers and channel partners to learn more about the company and its offerings.

The new website offers information about Bison’s line of fractional horsepower AC and DC gearmotors, electric motors, gear reducers, drives and accessories.

Bison Gear’s expanding video library has been added to the new site, along with white papers, featured new products and a special ‘closeouts’ section which changes regularly.

“In response to our web customers and channel partners, we’ve made it much easier to quickly find Bison products through linked summaries of our entire product range on the new home page, as well as our parametric search tools that enable visitors to find products based on type, voltage, speed, power, torque or gear ratio in any combination,” said Bison Gear marketing supervisor, Brenda Thiessen.

“In addition, we have included global web ordering capability for over 550 standard Bison products which are supported with same day order fulfillment through our In-Stock, Instant-Ship (ISIS) program.”

Visitors to the new can now link to Bison’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube social media sites and also sign up to receive Bison’s ‘Driving Force’ newsletter.

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