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Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver IC

motor driver

Toshiba Corporation’s Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions company has announced the launch of “TB67S508FTG,” a bipolar stepping motor driver offering 40V high voltage and 3.0A current with no need for external current detection resistors.

The IC integrates the company’s ACDS architecture, adopted previously in a unipolar stepping motor driver IC. It eliminates the need for two external resistors usually required to detect motor current. By adopting a small QFN36 package (mounting area 5 mm × 5 mm), the IC reduces the mounting area to about 66 per cent of the company’s current products. ACDS also reduces power loss and resistor variation errors, and contributes to low power consumption and precise constant current control.

Main features:

  • No need for external resistors to detect current
  • ACDS, which realises highly precise constant current motor control without external resistors to detect current
  • Lower heat generation during motor driving
  • Built-in output DMOS with low-on-resistance (0.45Ω (upper + lower: typ.)
  • Small package
  • Small, high-heat-radiation QFN36 package, which saves space and reduces costs


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