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BI-4000H Overfill Alarm

Bundoora, VIC

Bintech was required to design an overfill alarm that has Ex ia IIb T4 certification for use on petrol tanks. The alarm needed to be intrinsically safe, with a wireless option, yet battery-powered and able to be installed on self-bunded petrol tanks. After investigating the requirements of the appropriate IS standard and the ISO 9001 standard, Bintech employed a consultant to help gain ISO 9001 certification.

The resulting product used a 9-Volt battery which exploded under test conditions, so Bintech implemented four AAA batteries instead. The result is an overfill alarm that has found a niche market with many other variations being implemented.

The product could further increasing sales and place another Australian-manufactured product on the market, says Bintech. It has utilised many other Australian company’s expertise and products during the design phase and now in production. It prevents many of this country’s remote petrol tanks overfilling and spilling into the environment.

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