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Biggest industry robotics show ever

An exhibition dedicated soleley to robotics in industry spheres will be held on 12 and 13 February in 2009 in Bremen, Germany, where robotics manufacturers, engineers and buyers can gather to learn and teach the latest in robotics findings.

From 2003 to 2006, robotics experts from industry and research gathered unofficially in Bremen — an event they came to dub ‘Forum Robotic’ — and the event gathered so much momentum over those three years that the organisers began to look for a larger venue to host the festivities.

Enter Messe Bremen, a huge exhibition centre in the town of Bremen, where from 12 to 13 February next year information on the whole spectrum of robotic applications in mechanical engineering, industrial manufacturing and in research and training will be provided for interested punters.

Organised by the Association of German Engineers, this year’s Forum Robotic is tipped to be the biggest ever.

“With this step, we are picking up the wide interest of suppliers and users in the robotics industry at an informative meeting place in the north“, says Dr Hubert Borgmann, the Project Manager of ”forum robotic“ at Messe Bremen.

The two-day information forum comprises a conference and additional workshops and covers current topics from automation technology, for example the automated handling of innovative materials such as fibre-reinforced composites, quality assurance, material tracking and ident systems.

“The conference topics reflect the whole vertical structure of the industry from component suppliers, through robot manufacturers to user-specific computer system vendors. The exhibition will include products such as grippers and complete robot cells as well as topics such as training, safety and service”, Borgmann said.

Solutions that are specially geared to the specific needs of small and medium-sized companies and industry will be presented for automated handling and manufacturing.

“Sales in the robotics industry nearly doubled over the past ten years. And this trend is set to continue. The industry expects further growth of at least six per cent this year”, says Dr Iris Spiess, who is responsible for “forum robotic” on the part of the Bremen VDI.

“In future, ‘forum robotic’ is to take place annually and offer a practical platform for everyone who is concerned with robotics. With Mitsubishi Electronic Europe BV and Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH as sponsors, and the big Bremer Investitions-Gesellschaft mbH as patron we already have strong partners at our side.”

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