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Big year for Schneider

Schneider Electric worldwide sales for 2007 rose 26.1% to €17.3 (A$29.13) billion on a current structure and exchange rate basis, double the Group’s sales in 2003. Organic growth for the full year set a new record at 13.9%.

The Automation & Control business contributed sales of A$8.33 billion, a 9.4% increase. Sales in Asia-Pacific rose 16%; the top performers were China (up 20% in the fourth quarter), Southeast Asia and India. Across the region, the very favorable economic environment is generating a high level of investment in infrastructure and construction.

Acquisitions in the fourth quarter contributed A$972 million (or 15.8%) in the last quarter This primarily included APC, for A$818.57 million, and Pelco, a world leader in video security systems, for A$150.21 million (consolidated since October 16, 2007).

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