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Bestech releases Opto PSD laser sensors with analogue output

Bestech Australia introduces the new Opto LD1610 and LD1630 analogue PSD laser sensors in a cost effective package for high speed measurements. The new laser sensors are designed to replace the previous LD1607 model.

The LD1610 has a 10kHz frequency response while LD1630 sensors offer 100kHz. The signal noise of these sensors has been reduced significantly with a much more favourable pricing. Considered one of the fastest analogue sensors available on the market, the LD1610/ LD1630 digital systems require an extremely high sampling rate to achieve results similar to those obtained with analogue PSD sensors.

Key features of the LD1610/ LD1630 laser sensors also include automatic light intensity control for changing surfaces; two adjustable switching levels for thresholds; and optional Ethernet interface. 

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