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Bestech optical micrometres measure metal stampings in production

Bestech Australia announces the release of two new optical micrometres designed to measure the roundness and diameter of stainless steel metal stampings to micrometre accuracies in a full installation.

Distributed by Bestech Australia, the two Micro-Epsilon optoCONTROL 2600 series micrometres are installed for a complete automatic measurement in a cylindrical, ground stainless steel metal stamping application. Roundness and diameter are measured at three positions to a measurement accuracy of ±2 µm.

Two focal points connected via a laser line (imaginary centre axis) help determine the roundness reliably. An encoder is used to perform rotations of the blank to provide high precision edge and diameter measurements, with the rotations assigned to the respective angle position. Concentricity and curvature of the blank are calculated thereafter.

The optoCONTROL 2600 optical micrometre provides a multi-segmented programme solving both tasks simultaneously.

Key features include a telecentric lens and optical filters making the system insensitive to ambient light; digital RS232 interface to output the edge and diameter values; internal high resolution CCD camera for geometrical measurements; LED technology and minimal mechanical components providing an extremely long service life; and non-contact, wear-free operation.

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