Best Fieldbus Implementation: 2014 PACE Zenith Awards

Profiles of the five finalists in the Best Fieldbus Implementation category that is sponsored by Beckhoff.

Flat surface mix and make systems

Columbus Group

Mixing is a fundamental process in many manufacturing outcomes, from processed food production to making building materials like concrete and pavers.

The components for such mixing procedures usually have a mixing container, mixing implements, equipment to add ingredients, addition of heat and cold to advance the mixed materials and methods to move the mixed materials to the next stage.

Columbus flat surface mix and make systems incorporates these components in an interactive tessellation auxetic robust surface that is easy to clean.

The system works by raising containment profiles and moving paddle mixing profiles under movement software. More than one mixing action can happen at the same time on the same surface.

Herb Elliott Port and Rail Infrastructure

Fortescue Metals Group & Profibus Australia

In 2011, Fortescue sought to triple Herb Elliott's port loading capacity from 55 Mtpa to 155 Mtpa. This second phase of development at Herb Elliott was called the T155 Port Anderson Expansion Project 2011 – 2013.

WorleyParson's Systems Engineers specified Profibus as the preferred communications protocol throughout the entire port facility in conjunction with a small number of Devicenet networks which were later phased down toward the end of T45.

The processing facilities designed, constructed and controlled by Profibus networks were completed in record time to take advantage of China's growing need for iron ore.

Profibus Technology, particularly Profibus DP was able to provide reliable and stable network communication in harsh operating conditions characterised by extreme heat and high noise levels.

3D MasterMAKER

Columbus Group

3D printers usually build structures in layers, slowly, and often require additional finishing.

The Columbus 3D MasterMAKER printer has (a) multiple material-addition heads supported with material-substraction, (fine and course milling), (b) standard X,Y,Z linear drive movements of the depositing heads  (c) there are 2 depositing tables can move with 5 degrees of  movement in the X,Y,Z directions plus tilt and revolve. With the new hardware setup comes optimised software for true rapid manufacturing of completed 3D structures, big and small.

Eastern Tertiary Alliance


The Tertiary Upgrade Project at the Eastern Treatment Plant, Melbourne is a landmark wastewater and recycled treatment project for Australia, due to advancements in tertiary treatment.

Through this project, Melbourne Water has been able to achieve its two key objectives being the improvement in treated water discharge to the receiving marine environment as well as producing a new high quality Class A recycled water for the benefit of future generations.

The integration of the new tertiary treatment step with the existing secondary treatment plant, the high standard of output water quality required, and the requisite high level of reliability of the plant dictated the need for a very sophisticated control and communication system.

The control system processes developed during the Alliance achieved outstanding results in terms of value for money, timeliness and operator satisfaction.

Columbus Group

Narrow renewable energy with broad & water applications

With millions of kilometres of fencing around the world, usually at a height that is easy and safe to access, (unlike a high roof), then the logical way to tap this energy source is with narrow renewable energy collection and distributed battery units that can be plugged together and mounted on the tops of these fences.

The whole interconnected system including power management is controlled by a USB bus network so (a) high current draw like outdoor hot water kettles can be balanced up with (b) priority 24/7 intrusion sensor systems and (c) on demand stormwater harvesting, pumping to and from water storage tanks, recycling and appropriate filtration to potable standards as required.

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