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Bentley Systems finds cloud-based app-driven personalisation works best

According to Huw Roberts, Bentley Systems [global] Vice President of Platform Advantage, the value of their Navigator Connect software is both in its personalised configuration and in the ability of the program to leverage peer-based communities via the cloud.

The Navigator Connect Edition provides the first common environment for comprehensive project delivery – comprising a common modeling environment, common performance environment, and common data environment while leveraging cloud services to span hybrid computing configurations for projects and enterprises.

“Navigator Connect is an individual-orientated tool with the capability to communicate extensively both with the individual, the team and with the project,” said Roberts.

The idea behind the suite noted Roberts was to “focus on the engineering design rather than having people check on their work.”

With their biggest customers in Australia spanning water utilities and electricity providers, Roberts noted that the dashboard-driven Navigator Connect suite allows users to “automatically check multiple facts around their project form anywhere where they have an Internet connection.”

Navigator Connect provides the common modeling environment for comprehensive infrastructure delivery. Its innovations, which include functional components and a common documentation center, enable optioneering across disciplines.

“Navigator Connect enables project participants to advance beyond visualisation to visibility for issue resolution.”

Its features include a touch-enabled app-like interface; availability for both desktop and mobile operating systems (including Microsoft, iOS, and Android); and a single, consistent experience for users across all of their touch-enabled devices – from tablets to large touch screens, and from office to site to field.

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