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Bentley acquires C3global and its Amulet operational analytics

Infrastructure software solutions company Bentley Systems Incorporated announces the acquisition of the U.K.-based C3global, provider of web-based Amulet software for operational analytics.

[Pictured alongside is C3Global CEO David Smith.]

Bentley’s AssetWise platform, serving configuration management, asset health monitoring, inspection, maintenance and compliance for infrastructure assets, can now deliver additional actionable insights as asset performance management is extended through AssetWise Amulet for asset performance modelling. AssetWise Amulet offers unique value in applying predictive and prescriptive analytics that are easily configurable at industrial scale to leverage just-in-time data for improved operational efficiencies.

Gartner’s ‘Industrial Analytics Revolutionises Big Data in the Digital Business’ report published in August 2014, recognises C3global as part of the industrial analytics transformation helping digital businesses. Some of the infrastructure owner-operators benefiting from Amulet operational analytics span water utilities, oil and gas, and power transmission grids, with user organisations including Babcock, BP, Chevron, Danfoss, Emerson, MWH, National Grid, South Australian Water, and Total.

Paula Hollywood, senior analyst, ARC Advisory Group, commented that the acquisition of C3global by Bentley Systems was a leading indicator of industrial-scale progress being made to help organisations optimise asset performance and achieve business goals.

Welcoming the C3global team to Bentley Systems, including Co-founder and Director Dr. Neil Rothwell, Co-founder and Director Pete Kelly, and CEO David Smith, Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said that their acquisition of Amulet enables another cumulative BIM advancement for enhancing infrastructure asset performance.

He added that by configuring Amulet’s proven, industrial-strength operational analytics with Bentley’s market-leading engineering analysis portfolio, optioneering can be extended through asset performance modelling for just-in-time operational decisions, which can now predictively consider, beyond engineering, the relevant environmental and economic context.

According to C3global CEO David Smith, given the unprecedented convergence of big data from the ‘Internet of Things’, hybrid computing, and BIM’s advancement of functional engineering models, joining with Bentley to introduce asset performance modelling for industrial-scale infrastructure was absolutely compelling. He noted that Bentley’s comprehensive portfolio of software for sustaining infrastructure will offer new and exciting opportunities to broadly apply AssetWise Amulet’s operational analytics capabilities.

Technology Holdings advised C3global on the transaction.

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