Benefits of full automation, digitalisation and IoT connectivity with Rittal


Rittal’s innovative hygienic design solutions are engineered for high hygiene zones, but they are part of a larger industrial automation ecosystem that food and beverage manufacturers can leverage. By streamlining the panel building and switchgear system engineering process using industry-leading software, EPLAN, and implementing Edge data centres to store their own data as close to the source as possible, Rittal customers are enjoying the benefits of full automation, digitalisation, and IoT connectivity. 

Rittal’s suite of products for food and beverage are designed and engineered for: 


In combination with EPLAN, the integrated planning, production, modification, and deployment of such critical plant infrastructure such as enclosures, climate control, and IT network/server cabinets creates a more visible production cycle to identify redundancies, streamline workflows, and reduce energy consumption and production costs. 

Industry 4.0 

IoT-enabled devices create a smart production facility where decisions and plans are made proactively as opposed to reactively for greater degrees of flexibility and agility, readying companies for shifts in demand or production variables. The end goal is to be able to optimise efficiency and productivity for higher profitability. 

automationEnergy efficiency 

Rittal’s climate control solutions represent a quantum leap in terms of energy conservation due to our patented heat pipe technology. This innovative hybrid process relies upon two parallel cooling circuits working together to provide demand-based cooling, which helps facilities lower their carbon footprint by reducing energy usage — and costs. 

Regulatory compliance 

Our NEMA-rated IP66 and IP69K enclosures provide the durability, safety, and superior cleanability to comply with FSMA regulations while adhering to the requirements stated in the UL safety standards necessary for global production viability. 

Rittal’s hygienic design solutions help manufacturers to reduce the risk of downtime, optimise production processes, and increase the safety and productivity within each hygienic zone.

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