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Belden shortens production cycles for industrial robot applications

Belden will now offer a Quick Connect feature on its Lumberg Automation Input/Output Network-Ruggedized (LioN-R) EtherNet/IP modules. 

The new technology contributes to faster overall production cycles for industrial applications where robots drive the automation process.

The Quick Connect feature ensures that the modules in the LioN-R series can quickly and efficiently power up and join an EtherNet/IP network after a tool exchange on a robot has been performed – reducing the time it takes for the automatic tool changers (ATCs) found on modern robots to exchange tools and switch out the task the robot performs.

“Often times, powering up for operation can take machines five to eight seconds,” said Toni Hauert, product manager at Belden. 

“Now, with the Quick Connect technology, a robot can return to work after a tool change in less than 500 milliseconds, allowing for a faster production cycle, quicker automatic tool changes and more flexibility in the production process.”

Minimised ATC changeover time allows industrial markets – such as automotive manufacturers and logistic companies – to adjust robots to serve multiple purposes. This reduces the number of robots needed, minimising maintenance requirements and production cycle downtime.

“An automotive manufacturer, for example, could produce more cars overall, and more varying types of cars, on the same production line with the speed and efficiency the Quick Connect feature brings to robotic automation,” adds Hauert.

Other features of the LioN-R EtherNet/IP include an IP67 degree of protection, M12 connection for the network, integrated dual-port switch to facilitate line and ring topologies, three modules providing flexibility, “fail safe” function, and an operating temperature range of -10˚C to +60˚C.

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