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Belden releases dual purpose router to streamline industrial network management

World-leading provider of signal transmission solutions for
mission-critical applications, Belden introduces the Magnum 5RX fixed configuration
security router from GarrettCom designed to optimise network performance and
minimise risk.

Combining routing with network security, GarrettCom fixed configuration security
router offers superior network performance, while addressing the escalating
security concerns associated with industrial applications in highly distributed
environments. These security routers are designed for mid-level industrial
applications requiring hardened and industrial grade solutions.

Maggie Wu, director of product line management at Belden explains that
the new integrated routing and security solution provides a cost-effective
option for improved efficiency and network reliability, while also enabling Belden
customers to migrate to more advanced IP-based network solutions at their own

When used together with the Magnum 10RX routers, the GarrettCom fixed
configuration router enables industrial customers to build a total network
solution from core to edge, with advantages including fast deployment, easy
network management and reduced network downtime.

Key features in the GarrettCom Magnum 5RX security routers maximise
protection for power transmission and distribution settings, making the device
especially well-suited for deployments at the edge of the network where modular
solutions are either too expensive or not required.

These features include legacy network protocol and interface support as
well as EtherNet/IP presence offering a valuable migration path to the new
generation of network backbones; and software features providing best-in-class
firewall protection and VPN security along with advanced Layer 3 routing

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