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Belden joins Consortium to help industrial market evolve for Internet of Things

Belden has recently joined a new industrial market group through its membership with AVnu Alliance, the industry consortium driving open standards deterministic networking through certification.

AVnu Alliance is adding support for the industrial control market through a new industrial-specific market segment that includes Belden, as well as other leaders in the space. Together, these industrial, automation and IT infrastructure companies will be the driving force behind future developments in open standards.

“We have a long history of standards work at Belden because we recognize the immense value it offers our customers,” said Brian Oulton, vice president of strategic initiative marketing for industrial at Belden. 

“Joining with other leaders in the industrial space through AVnu Alliance’s new group, we hope to continue to bring innovation and awareness to the industrial market when it comes to new and emerging open standards.”

AVnu Alliance’s industrial market segment will develop the foundational elements needed for industrial applications based on the common elements of audio video bridging (AVB) and time sensitive networking (TSN), working to enhance real-time capabilities that meet the needs and embrace the future promise of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Belden considers TSN technology as the future core technology for high-end industrial Ethernet communications, especially for IoT integration with industrial production.

“As Ethernet continues to expand its range, functionality and applications, and the need for new capabilities through open standards that support IoT grows – we are pleased to add leading companies, such as Belden, as members to help industrial applications develop a strong foundation and take advantage of new technologies,” said Rick Kreifeldt, AVnu Alliance president and chairman.

[Image courtesy: AVnu]

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