Belden boosts industrial network security with Byres Security acquisition

BELDEN has acquired Byres Security to boost its capabilities in protecting industrial automation systems from cyber attack.

The Tofino security technology from Byres is a key part of the acquisition, as Belden looks to protect its customers from a increasing influx of PLC vulnerabilities.

Stuxnet, for example, was a high profile cyber attack against industrial targets. There is now high interest in improving cyber security at both the plant and management levels of organisations.

The Tofino Industrial Security Solution is BSI’s flagship product. It combines security appliances with loadable software modules to protect industrial networks from external cyber threats and internal network accidents.

The technology is designed to be put into service without plant shutdowns and with simple implementation steps. It is used by the process control, SCADA, manufacturing and automation industries.

BSI will run as an independent business unit under Belden, and the Tofino Security brand will remain the same.

Belden has been using Tofino Security technology in its Eagle line of security products for the past two years and BSI was already using Belden’s Hirschmann hardware in many of its Tofino Security products over the same period.

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