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Belden announces Mission Critical Network Design Seminar

Belden will present the Hirschmann 2010 Mission Critical Network Design Seminar, September 19-22, 2010 in Orlando, Florida, USA. This seminar provides a multitude of training options to fit specific levels of expertise. The Mission Critical Network Design Seminar is focused on just one particular area of technology: Industrial Ethernet Networking.

The seminar is intended for system integrators; network design engineers (with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms); and anyone involved with the design, implementation and maintenance of mission critical Ethernet networks.

During the seminar, attendees will learn how to effectively reduce costs and installation time by implementing a highly resilient network design.

Presenters will speak on technical topics including Isolating Network Traffic, Implementing Redundancy and Network Security.

Each presenter will address current technology trends for designing state-of-the art mission critical industrial Ethernet networks in a variety of industries including petrochemical; automotive; and power generation, transmission and distribution.

Seminar topics include:
• Introduction to Ethernet Networking
• Network Design I: Fundamentals & Best Practices
• Network Design II: Implementing Redundancy
• Network Design III: Managing Multicast Traffic
• Network Design IV: Isolating Network Traffic
• Network Design V: Wireless Best Practices & Applications
• Network Security, The Hirschmann Way
• Network Management
• Physical Layer Cabling & Testing: How to test and troubleshoot a reliable Ethernet network
• Switch Selection: Choosing the right product for your application
• Cool things your switch can do that you don’t know about
• Migrating legacy devices to Ethernet
• Industrial Connectivity: Passive Product Technology
• Industrial Connectivity: Active Products
• Ethernet Cabling: Your Questions Answered
• Fiber Optic Cabling
• Industrial Automation Cabling (Non-Ethernet Applications)
• HSI Forum
• Distributor Forum
• Intro to HSI – Hirschman System Integrator Program

Hands-On Labs
• Managed switches “Out of the Box”
• Network Management
• Network Redundancy
• Layer 3 / Routing
• Network Security
• Wireless

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