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Belden adds bus coupler to Lumberg Automation’s fieldbus system for integrating EtherNet/IP networks

Specialist provider of signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, Belden Australia announces the latest addition to Lumberg Automation’s fieldbus system, the new LioN-Link EtherNet/IP bus coupler.

Lumberg Automation’s new bus coupler offers a flexible interface with industrial networks running EtherNet/IP protocols, simplifying updates. Supporting diverse field wiring designs, numerous configuration options and long-distance connections, the single I/O module features unique standardised wiring components to provide unprecedented flexibility for even the harshest industrial environments.

Belden product manager Toni Hauert observes that network engineers, system integrators and machine builders will find the new bus coupler a welcome addition to the field given the growing popularity of EtherNet/IP. The flexible interface options, which do not require special cables or connectors, make installation as simple as plugging in the new bus coupler to get the network up and running.

Key features of Belden’s LioN-Link bus couplers include simplified connection options between the entire fieldbus system and fieldbus independent I/O modules; software integrated into each bus coupler, allowing communications with the web server, as well as access to real-time data and diagnostics across the entire manufacturing process; and ability to connect up to 30 I/O modules distributed through two lines, with a maximum of 15 devices per line and lines extending up to 100m.

According to Hauert, manufacturers want multiple, affordable configuration options for integrating their existing EtherNet/IP networks, a requirement efficiently met by the Lumberg Automation bus coupler, which offers a simple, user-friendly solution that provides real-time robust data, allowing easy identification and correction of any problems in the manufacturing field.

The move towards interoperability has increased the need for greater visibility as operators face demands to receive, analyse and share data. With more connected machines, increasing data volumes and high productivity demands, customers in challenging environments can count on Belden’s industrial connectivity solutions to address their needs.

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