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Beijier leads European HMI

Beijer Electronics wins the 2007 Frost & Sullivan European Human Machine Interface Competitive Strategy Leadership Award.

The award is presented in recognition of its ability to compete and grow in the highly competitive European Human Machine Interface (HMI) market. Strategic mergers and acquisitions, unique product positioning, the capacity to meet the rising demand for better quality HMIs, and a strategic sales and marketing network underline Beijer’s Electronics receipt of this award.

Through its focus on strategic mergers and acquisition activities and the integration of its two main strategic business divisions — automation and HMI products – the company stands out in the HMI arena. Interaction and coordination between these two business units has been central to the company’s growth in the HMI market in Europe as well as globally.

“Beijer Electronics Group offers a complete range of high quality, user-friendly HMI products and services for industrial automation, combining products from world leading suppliers with its own hardware and software,” notes Frost & Sullivan Research Associate Shibapriya Saha. “The product range extends from individual products to complete automation solutions for the control of machines and processes.”

To retain its competitive advantage in the European HMI market, Beijer Electronics has implemented several strategies. “Among them are extending sales resources with more distributors: Beijer Electronics operates with leading global corporations that sell products on a brand label basis,” explains Saha. “Also, consolidating in-house export resources: the company exports resources, sells operator terminals through distributors or directly to end-user customers under its proprietary brands – EXTER, CIMREX and H-series.”

“Key mergers and acquisitions and alliances have yielded significant benefits to the company, such as increased penetration into new markets and gains in market share,” adds Saha. “These include the acquisition of Elektronik-Systeme Lauer which enabled strategic penetration into the German market, the opening of a subsidiary in China to facilitate expansion into the Asian market as well as a landmark deal with Mitsubishi Electric and the acquisition of Taiwan-based Hitech Electronics.”

Beijer is represented by Global Automation in Australia.

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