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Beckhoff to showcase PC-based control for Industry 4.0 at Ligna 2015

BECKHOFF Automation will be showcasing its PC-based control technology
at the upcoming Ligna 2015 exhibition in Hannover, Germany. Ligna 2015 is the
world’s leading trade fair for the wood and furniture industry.

One of the core issues in the furniture industry for years, automation
will be the focus of Ligna 2015 in the context of Industry 4.0. With PC-based
control, Beckhoff provides the basic technology for production concepts that
are ready for Industry 4.0.

Customers in the furniture industry are increasingly personalising their
choice of colours, shapes, haptic properties and materials, presenting major
challenges for manufacturers, particularly in high-wage countries. These
demands require manufacturers to manage the growing product variety, small
batch sizes and short lead times while ensuring competitive costs and rapid
availability without losing focus on optimised resource and energy efficiency.

The solution is provided by networked, intelligent production systems
with a high degree of automation; a control concept that leverages the
increasing convergence of information and automation technology and enables
seamless communication.

Industry 4.0 increases the flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability
of production through the networking of products, production resources and
facilities along the global value creation chain. Beckhoff’s PC-based control
technology is a key enabler with the PC as a control platform featuring open communication
interfaces, and providing the prerequisites for optimal implementation of the
vertical and horizontal integration required for Industry 4.0 and the networked

PC-based control allows seamless integration of production systems and
modules into existing and new production systems, as well as communication with
these and higher-level production planning and control levels on secure
channels. It is possible to adapt ongoing operations to changes in order
planning or the production process. TwinCAT 3 automation software provides the
required modularity, object orientation and integrated engineering throughout
the whole product lifecycle.

PC-based control delivers the prerequisites for implementing Industry
4.0 concepts through integrated networking via standardised interfaces from the
sensor to the ERP/MES level; M2M communication via the Internet of Things; process
safety, realised by means of integrated measurement technology and condition
monitoring; sustainable production through power monitoring and power
management; integration of robotics and new drive technologies; integration of
safety and security; integrated engineering; reduced commissioning times via
real-time simulation; and worldwide remote production maintenance.

Beckhoff will be showcasing its PC-based control technology at Ligna
2015 in Hall 17, Booth B19. 

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