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Beckhoff releases compact multi-touch panel PCs with IP65 rating

BECKHOFF Automation announces the launch of a new range of compact multi-touch panel PCs with IP65 rating, featuring advanced Intel Atom multi-core processors for high PC-based performance.

Beckhoff’s new CP37xx series panel PCs with multi-touch functionality and advanced Intel Atom processors are designed for mounting-arm installation. The Intel Atom processors are known for their high computing power and excellent on-board graphics capability with excellent thermodynamics.

Offering several display sizes and processor options, the CP37xx series provides the required scalability to solve a wide range of automation challenges.

Key features of Beckhoff’s CP37xx series panel PCs include robust aluminium housings; Intel Atom multi-core processors available with 1, 2 or 4 cores, allowing best-possible adaptation to a diverse range of application requirements; display options including seven multi-touch TFT displays in 12-24 inches size range, and 4:3, 5:4 or 19:9 (widescreen) formats; ability to function in ambient temperatures up to 45°C; and heat dissipation provided by exterior heat sink fins, aided by fans to provide uniform temperature distribution inside the housing.

Beckhoff’s CP37xx series panel PCs can be extended flexibly using PCI modules or a third Ethernet port. An integrated rotatable, tilting mounting arm adapter is provided for a 48mm diameter mounting-arm tube with the connection cables running through the mounting arm. Up to four IPC ports are provided, featuring IP65 connectors with easy access to the wiring space. The CP37xx panel PCs have one or two CFast cards; with the on-board RAID controller, two identical CFast cards can be mirrored.

The CP37xx series of panel PCs complements the wide range of Beckhoff multi-touch devices, offering maximum scalability for optimum adaptation to application requirements. The range currently covers the passive CP29xx and CP39xx Control Panel series, panel PCs with entry-level performance (CP26xx) and medium processing power (CP27xx and CP37xx), up to the high-end CP22xx and CP32xx devices.

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