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Beckhoff product portfolio for barrier-free process technology integration

With an extensive range of explosion-proof components, Beckhoff provides comprehensive solutions for barrier-free system integration right into Zone 0/20. These include EtherCAT Terminals with intrinsically safe I/O interfaces from the ELX series, along with Control Panels and Panel PCs of the highest build quality from the CPX series as well as updates to TwinCAT control software with specific process technology interfaces.

For new plants, explosion protection can be directly integrated into the overall control system architecture; for existing plants, the Beckhoff PC-based control platform can simply be extended.

Beckhoff also covers all common standards in the industry by connecting via process technology protocols such as HART, NAMUR and FDT/DTM. The complete integration of these protocols and programming standards in TwinCAT provides a familiar experience for users who previously worked with other software environments.

At a glance: your benefits in process technology with PC-based control from Beckhoff.

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