Beckhoff extends AM8000 servomotor range with new flange size

BECKHOFF Automation has extended its AM8000 servomotors range with the
addition of a new flange size F1 featuring a 40mm edge length.

Three overall lengths available in the AM8000 series cover a torque
range from 0.22 to 0.55 Nm, enabling highly dynamic drive solutions to be
implemented in minimised space requirements.

Offering a low rotor moment of inertia as well as quadruple overload
capacity to meet the highest requirements for motion dynamics even in the
smallest of installation spaces, the new AM801x and AM811x servomotors are
ideal for applications with fast cycle changes. The two series differ primarily
in their rated voltage.

An extremely compact and economical servo system can be implemented by
combining the AM811x motors with the EL7201-0010 and EL7211-0010 servomotor
terminals, with 2.8 ARMS and up to 4.5 ARMS respectively, at 50 V DC. The
AX5000 EtherCAT servo drive (1/2 canal, up to 3 A) can be used to control the
AM801x servomotors, which are designed for 230 V AC.

The motors are available optionally with backlash-free permanent magnet
holding brake or feather key groove. The motors are also equipped with an
absolute encoder and One Cable Technology (OCT) to maximise motor performance
in a compact size. The OCT enables transmission of motor supply and position
feedback signal via just one cable, significantly reducing the costs for
components and installation.

The multi-turn absolute encoder integrated in the AM801x and AM811x
motors and available on request makes known the absolute position of the drive
when switching the axis on, eliminating the need for a homing function and
allowing the system to be started without reference drives to the end
positions. Additionally, it helps determine the position of the axis as well as
the current displacement speed. The drive position is stored in an EEPROM
without battery buffering. All these features make the new motor ideally suited
to feed and traversing axes, since limit switches and additional encoders are
not required.

Key features of Beckhoff’s new compact servomotors also include electronic
type plate containing mechanically and electronically relevant data such as
serial number, type and manufacturer’s data for reliable and rapid
identification in plant networks; integrated error memory for on-line
diagnostics; AX5805 TwinSAFE Option Card to allow safe drive functions to be
implemented easily even in the smallest of installation spaces, enabling traversing
and feed axes to be switched off safely, as well as programming including safe
motion functions to be done according to EN ISO 13849-1 to PLe; motors allowed
to be switched torque-free and monitored in terms of speed, position and
direction of rotation, helping traversing and feed axes to also be integrated
into the TwinCAT system, which considerably increases the availability of the
entire machine.

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