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Beck Automation demonstrates advanced labelling automation at Fakuma

Beck Automation performed a feat at Fakuma 2009 in October, labelling four transparent polystyrene (PS) thin-wall cups in a small 3.3-seconds cycle time per shot, using a measuring rod that they set using their automation technology.

The high speeds reached by the automation used in the process resulted from the interaction of a manufacturing cell consisting of an Engel speed 180/55 injection moulding machine and a hot runner mould from Glaroform.

The 4-cavity mould from Glaroform loads the Engel machine with a shot weight of 41g. With a wall thickness of 0.5mm, each thin-wall cup has a net weight of 10.25g.

By means of a side handling, Beck Automation placed the labels and simultaneously took out the completed cup.

“Once again, Beck’s experience sets benchmarks in IML (in-mould labelling),” said a press notice from the company.

“Apart from the phenomenal speed of 3.3-second cycle time, the manufacturing cell further impresses with its familiar Beck process stability.”

The cups are used in large numbers by airline companies, according to Beck Automation.

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