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Beacon solution for enhanced asset awareness

IFS has presented a new IFS Labs-led project aimed at connecting next-generation, context-aware asset and equipment data capture with smart devices and beacon technology. The solution utilises wireless sensors mounted on the equipment that broadcasts the location of the asset to smart devices. In effect, the sensors will tell service technicians what assets are in the immediate vicinity and, using the smartphone app, let technicians access more information about the asset in question, such as open work orders and service history.

The think tank envisions service technicians being able to use the beacon-based solutions to communicate wirelessly with the sensors mounted on the machinery, feeding asset location data to the user’s mobile device, according to director Bas de Vos. As the system is location-aware, users will only receive information about the relevant piece of equipment. This is expected to drive efficiency and quality in processes such as maintenance, construction and warehouse management.

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