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Battery storage developer Redflow teams with Schneider Electric

Australian Battery storage developer RedFlow has signed a
master supply agreement with energy management company Schneider Electric.

The agreement paves the way for the two companies to collaborate
and develop energy storage solutions systems incorporating the Redflow battery.

“Our smart battery technology is ideally situated to
some of the markets Schneider currently service and we are working with Schneider
to identify solutions for those customers,” said Stuart Smith, chief executive
officer for RedFlow, in a joint statement with Schneider.

“Our agreement with Schneider is not industry specific
and offers us the opportunity to expand our business into all channels
Schneider currently operate in and service, including those with unreliable
grid supply as well as off-grid and mirco-market grid markets.”

He added that RedFlow’s batteries have already been tested
and operated in series with a Schneider inverter using a 360V DC BUS which
further validates the company’s technology.

Dirk Krueger, Queensland State Manager for Schneider
Electric, said in the statement, “RedFlow’s technology offers customers a
range of cost and environmental benefits in certain applications.

“The potential reduction in diesel run time and use of
lead acid batteries in some applications could have benefits for both customers
and the environment.”

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