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Battery isolation switch


REDARC has announced the release of the Battery Master Isolation Switch (BMIS) to the market for commercial vehicles and other heavy trucks, developed and manufactured in its Adelaide-based facility. The switch is designed to safely isolate the vehicle batteries in both 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles and will ensure reliable performance when the vehicle is operating.

Designed and tested to meet stringent industry standards, the switch¬†exceeds the requirements for large diesel engines, according to the company. It also features an ISO 26262 rated dual redundancy system to avoid false triggering. The company claims that it has been designed to overcome common issues found in current battery isolation switches on the market to ensure a “superior, more reliable, high quality Australian-made product”.

The switch has been built for heavy vehicle applications; it features a durable, UV resistant housing so it will not be damaged by rocks or water, it is rated IP66 and IP67, includes a continuous self-checking function, an in-built lockout capability and in-built diagnosis for external looms and remote actuating devices.


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