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Balluff Proxinox stainless steel sensors for hygienic processes

steel sensors in the Balluff Proxinox range help keep food and packaging
processes safe and hygienic. Capable of withstanding even the toughest cleaning
processes, the sensors meet all the specifications and regulatory directives
for pharmaceutical and food industries.

for extreme conditions with maximum seal tightness (IP 67, IP 68 and IP 69K),
Ecolab-certified and temperature-resistant up to 105°C, the sensors guarantee a
long service life.

Proxinox stainless steel sensors can stand up to exposure to acids, lye, steam,
foam cleaners or high-pressure cleaning devices used in the cleaning process, making
them the ideal choice for hygienic processes in the food and pharmaceutical
industries. Balluff offers a complete range of sensors based on a variety of
physical mechanisms, augmented by a precisely coordinated line of fastening and
connection technology in stainless steel and IP 69K.

sensors can also be supplied with additional features including lasered or
etched type designations, additional O-ring seals and even gold-plated contacts.

of whether users choose BOS optoelectronic sensors, BMF magnet field-sensitive
sensors or inductive sensors, they can be rest assured they will always receive
components that fulfil all specifications for the food and pharmaceutical
industries. This also holds true for BCS capacitive sensors and BUS ultrasound
sensors from Balluff.

innovative FDA-3A-certified Micropulse transducers with FDA-compliant casing
design set new standards in applications where the sensors come into contact
with the product, such as fill level detection for fruit juice, milk or beer in
bottling plants.

Proxinox stainless steel sensors are HALT-tested and offer maximum operational
reliability for several years. 

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