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Balluff mounting accessories for perfect integration of sensors and systems

Balluff introduces a range of mounting accessories designed for perfect integration of
sensors and systems.

of the sensor connection, fixing and positioning accessory range, the Balluff
Mounting System is an off-the-shelf solution designed to save time, lower costs
and ensure high machine uptime.

in its fixing, the Balluff Mounting System can be secured to base plates and
all standard profiles. Virtually any required solid angle can be accommodated
using the versatile range of accessories including clamping cylinders,
cross-connectors and sensor holders for block style and tubular sensors, with many
mounting products designed to provide mechanical protection for the sensor.

eccentric clamp from Balluff does not require any tools and attaches the sensor
with a simple click. Knurled support rods are ideal for a secure hold of large
heavy sensors. A stainless steel range is available for aggressive environments
involving the use of industrial cleaning agents during washdowns.

complete Balluff accessories line equips the user for optimal integration of various
sensors into the automation process, with the reliable mounting system products
simplifying sensor assembly.

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