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Balluff launches first IO-Link master with 16 IO Link ports

Balluff has introduced a new PROFINET module featuring 16 IO-Link ports
to its family of IO-Link master modules.

The first IO-Link master with 16 IO-Link ports, the new PROFINET module
offers maximum flexibility thanks to the integrated display, switch and web

The new PROFINET module processes up to 272 I/O signals in combination
with sensor/actuator hubs, ensuring substantial savings per input compared to the
standard fieldbus modules. The higher capacity enables the user to fully
exhaust the PROFINET capacity even down to intelligent devices in the field.

Similar to previous PROFINET modules from Balluff, the 16-port master
module includes an integrated display for information and additional
diagnostics as well as an integrated switch for setting up a PROFINET line
structure. A real-time display of the module with all current statuses for
extended diagnostics is provided through the integrated web server.

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