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Balluff introduces push pull variants of IO Link master modules

Balluff has introduced new push-pull variants of its PROFINET IO-Link master modules, available with a choice of fibre optic cable or copper cable connection.

Fibre optic cables have become established in industrial data communication thanks to multiple advantages, particularly for data intensive applications with a high demand on availability such as in the automotive industry.

Balluff’s new variants feature push-pull connection technology for fieldbus and power cables as specified in the AIDA (Automation Initiative of German Automobile Manufacturers). A third variant combines both worlds and provides a fibre optic (SCRJ) and a copper (RJ45) push-pull connection, with the module ideal for converting from a copper to a fibre optic cable right in the I/O module, without needing an additional, external converter module.

Similar to all Ethernet-based IO-Link master modules from Balluff, the push-pull modules also have an integrated display for information and additional diagnostics as well as an integrated switch for setting up a PROFINET line structure.

All functions based on IO-Link specification 1.1 are made available by the eight integrated IO-Link ports. The user is provided with a real-time display of the module with all current statuses for extended diagnostics through an integrated web server.

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