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Balluff adds two new versions to IO-Link signal lights

Balluff has introduced two new versions to its popular IO-Link Smart Light range of signal lights. In addition to the current version with a maximum of five segments, Balluff now offers two additional versions with one and three segments respectively as well as optional acoustic signalling capability.

The new IO-Link Smart Light from Balluff revolutionises the signal light sector with its ability to be flexibly adapted to nearly every requirement without complex configuration via hardware. With the signal light’s on-the-fly adaptability via the controller, the IO-Link Smart Light eliminates the need to use the otherwise typical costly combination of different-coloured modules to form a light.

The Balluff Smart Light is highly versatile with its ability to do much more than signal the system operator certain predefined operating states using just three colours. For instance, the signal light can represent tendencies, developments and trends of physical values, while temperature states, fill levels of systems or even the position of a carriage via a position sensor system can be visualised on the column, which may be up to 20 LEDs tall.

The new IO-Link Smart Light from Balluff can be easily connected and installed using the simple, unshielded, three-wire sensor cable. The LED signal column offers maximum functionality and extensive possibilities with its three operating modes of Stacklight, Level and Run.

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