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Baker Seeds utilises MOTOTRBO communications system for quality control

BAKER Seeds, based near Rutherglen in North Eastern Victoria, is using a MOTOTRBO communications system to ensure quality control.

Baker Seeds specialises in packaging and processing a range of agricultural seeds like cereals, oilseeds, pulses, grasses and clovers.

According to the company, the MOTOTRBO system can grow with the business. While cheaper options were available, it saw MOTOTRBO as a long-term solution due to the flexibility afforded by additions or upgrades.

Baker Seeds also took into consideration the security of the system, as choosing the wrong system would mean sensitive information and processes being aired could be picked up by parties with scanners.

Allcom provided the heads up on MOTOTRBO, which offers two channels. Baker seeds uses one for essential staff members, and the other for the office administration.

Baker Seeds says clear and secure communications cannot be underestimated in the success of modern enterprises, especially in specialised businesses. It results in better-informed workers and more efficient organisation and coordination.

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