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Badgingarra Solar Farm opens in Western Australia

APA Group’s new Badgingarra Solar Farm in Hill River has now officially opened 200 kilometres north of Perth.

The $40 million solar farm consists of almost 62,000 solar panels, installed across 40 hectares of land, and has a capacity of 19.25 megawatts.

This is APA’s fourth facility in its renewables precinct, which is co-located with the Badgingarra Wind Farm, the Emu Downs Wind Farm and Emu Downs Solar Farm.

The total combined capacity of the precinct, which includes 85 wind turbines and nearly 140,000 solar panels, is approximately 250 megawatts.

The Badgingarra Solar Farm utilises a solar tracker system, so the panels can follow the path of the sun from east-to-west as the Earth rotates.

Western Australian energy minister Bill Johnston said that the government was committed to helping secure high-value, fast growing energy technology opportunities in the state.

“I’d like to congratulate the APA Group and everyone else involved with the construction of the Badgingarra Solar Farm,” Johnston said.

“Projects such as the Badgingarra Solar Farm demonstrate that we can create regional opportunities built around cleaner and cheaper energy sources that supports increased power reliability in the regions.”

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