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Azbil acquires VorTek to expand flow meter business

To expand its flow meter business, Japanese company Azbil will take a majority stake in VorTek Instruments.

VorTek is a U.S. manufacturer and supplier of vortex flow meters. It became an Azbil Group company and will change its name to Azbil VorTek.

In Australia, Azbil is represented by AMS Instrumentation & Calibration and Environmental Automation.

VorTek Instruments develops and manufactures vortex flow meters with temperature and pressure compensation.

It features a lineup of vortex flow meters with integrated temperature and pressure compensation, including insertion meters for large pipe applications.

Its main applications are utility steam measurement/control of building HVAC and food processing plants, steam measurement/control of town gas manufacturing plants, and steam and supply measurement/control of various processes.

This capital tie-up will augment and strengthen Azbil’s flow meter product lineup, which will enable the company to provide solutions with higher added value and to expand the development of its global business.

Furthermore, by strengthening flow calibration and product development functions in North America, Azbil aims to establish a globally optimal and efficient business structure.

Sales for VorTek Instruments is forecast to be 3 billion Japanese yen in four years.

Hirozumi Sone, President and CEO of Azbil Corporation remarked: “Since our start as the new Azbil Group in April 2012, we have been pursuing “human-centered automation” more aggressively and carrying out business reforms for further global growth.

"This partnership brings together Azbil and VorTek Instrument’s flow measurement and control technologies and know how, which I believe will complement and broaden the Azbil Group’s lineup of flow meters and enable us to provide new value to customers.”

Jim Storer, President of VorTek Instruments added: “Since its founding in 1995, VorTek Instruments has focused on developing and continuously improving flow meters based on vortex shedding technology.

"Our products range from single-variable volumetric flow meters to multi-variable mass flow meters with temperature and pressure compensation.

"Our goals have always been to make rugged equipment that works in the field without issue and provides our customer with true value.

"I believe that we have found the perfect partner in the Azbil Group and together we will be able to bring new and exciting products to market.

"Azbil’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction through human-centered automation exactly matches our own corporate culture.

"Together we create what I believe to be the perfect team to tackle the challenges and requirements of the global marketplace.”

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