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AVEVA acquires simulation software suite

AVEVA has acquired all assets relating to the advanced visualisation and simulation software of Global Majic Software (GMS).

This acquisition includes all Intellectual Property Rights which will be used to support AVEVA’s simulation offering for plant owner operators.

The GMS team will become a part of AVEVA’s simulation development programme to deliver 3D interactive virtual environments to their customers.

GMS’s simulation products complement AVEVA’s existing visualisation technology by providing an immersive environment that enables virtual access to plant facilities for the purposes of inspection, training and maintenance review, minimising the need to expose staff to on-site hazards.

The acquisition also brings immediate benefits to AVEVA’s laser technology that makes it possible to cost-effectively create ’as-built’ 3D models of existing facilities.

These accurate 3D models are increasing the demand for simulation environments in which owner operators can safely and remotely train contractors and staff in a highly realistic virtual environment away from the dangers of on-site working.

“Plant owner operators are increasingly looking at software to help innovate, improve safety and generate efficiencies,” added Derek Middlemas, COO and Head of Enterprise Solutions, AVEVA.

"Our customers have a business imperative to understand every aspect of their operating assets. The GMS software in combination with our own technology will bring a vastly improved simulation experience enabling a reduction in the number of people exposed to hazardous on-site working environments while improving operational efficiency.”

“We have many years’ experience creating high-quality virtual environments for clients who need to safely train and familiarise staff on dangerous or difficult to access sites,” said Gary Hufford, CEO, Global Majic Software.

“When AVEVA first approached us and suggested we join them, we immediately recognised the exciting benefits that we can offer to our joint customers.

"We share the same vision about the increasingly important role that virtual environments will play in enhancing asset performance and reducing operational risk and look forward to bringing our products to AVEVA’s customers.”

“Over many decades we have continually brought forward innovation in the field of plant visualisation,” said Richard Longdon, Chief Executive Officer, AVEVA.

“The acquisition enables us to take a major step forward which will further differentiate AVEVA from our competitors by delivering advanced simulation capabilities around the digital plant that will provide significant time, cost and safety benefits to our customers.”

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