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Auzion launches AuziRack Mounting System

Auzion has launched their AuziRack Mounting System and wholesale kits. The AuziRack Mounting System is the brainchild of Mark Leckenby, who developed it alongside partner, G.James Glass and Aluminium. (Image alongside shows Leckenby in front of a panel mounted on the AuziRack system.)

Auzion’s new wholesale department will support both the local market and customers nationwide. “We have big plans to continue making solar power work for our customers so they can reduce their impact on the environment and save money, without altering their lifestyle,” said Leckenby.

“We also have the launch of another product on the horizon, our Auzimax Energy Maximiser which is set to launch in mid 2011 and hit the commercial market by the end of the year,” Leckenby announced.

The AuziMax is a management system that enables customers to monitor energy in the home or business via an internet portal and maximise their savings by potentially reducing their energy consumption by as much as 20 per cent. The device allows the user to track their energy
consumption, view a detailed breakdown of where and when energy is being used and set energy budgets and targets.

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