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Driver was using autopilot in latest Tesla crash


The Autopilot system was reportedly engaged in the latest Tesla Model S crash, which involved a collision with a tourist bus on an autobahn in Germany.

The crash took place on Wednesday afternoon on an autobahn in northern Germany, where it is reported that the car hit the bus as it was changing lanes. However, it is unclear whether it was the bus or the car that was changing lanes, due to conflicting reports from onlookers.

The driver of the car has told police that the Autopilot system was engaged at the time of the crash.

Police have called for an investigation into why Autopilot was not working properly, however a Tesla spokesperson said: “We have spoken to our customer, who confirmed that Autopilot was functioning properly and that his use of Autopilot was unrelated to the incident.”

Tesla’s Autopilot system has a lane change feature that enables the vehicle to change lanes using the turn signal while on ‘Autosteer’, however Tesla says the driver is still responsible for making sure the lane change is safe before activating the turn signal.

The Tesla driver in this latest crash came out with minor injuries, however no one else was harmed.

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