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Automation supplier re-structures distribution

Rockwell Automation has changed its distribution model, signing Inaco Automation Controls and NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd as key distributors to supply its products in Australia and New Zealand.

Though customers may still source Rockwell Automation products until 1st July 2009, after this date Inaco and NHP will assume exclusive distribution roles for the automation supplier.

Inaco will continue to serve customers within Australia, shifting its focus to customers within the Sydney area and areas within Greater New South Wales and Southern Queensland. NHP will serve customers throughout the rest of Australia and New Zealand.

NHP will continue to market its current complementary products in both countries and will add the Allen- Bradley and Rockwell Software brands to its portfolio, providing its customers with a one-stop shop for all their industrial switchgear and automation requirements, says Rockwell.

“With these leading companies working together, the Australia and New Zealand markets will be served by the latest in technology from around the world, backed by the highest level of service and technical support located nearby our customers,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“In particular, customers will benefit from the application solution synergies provided by these new arrangements between the market leaders in industrial automation power, control and information solutions together with the market leaders in Industrial/Commercial switchgear, Distribution, Control Panel and Safety products.

“Customers will also benefit from local distributor partners equipped to solve problems and deliver results for improved supply chain management and increased local inventory and improved technical support resources.”

For more information, visit or phone 1800 809 929.

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