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Automation group switches with IT firm

Rockwell Automation has joined forces with networking equipment and internet management solutions provider, Cisco, to develop a line of industrial Ethernet switches.

The duo teamed-up to develop solutions for businesses to improve access to optimised network integration throughout the enterprise — not just in the boardroom, but also on the manufacturing floor.

Rockwell and Cisco will develop a portfolio of industrial ethernet switches and easy-to-use ‘Reference Architectures’. This includes the co-branded Stratix series of industrial ethernet switches — which incorporated the Allen-Bradley Stratix 8000 modular managed switch suite.

The modular Stratix 8000 is compact in design and has been optimised for operation in both IT and manufacturing environments, says a press release from Rockwell.

The Stratix 8000 uses the Cisco ‘Catalyst’ operating system and user interface, and can be configured using Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 programming software. This allows users to set up, program and manage their switching applications using familiar methods. Logic tags are automatically generated, simplifying the integration of network diagnostics, while customised screen layouts can also be developed to permit status monitoring and alarming.

The Stratix suite also features a selection of additional switch offerings from Rockwell including: Stratix 6000 fixed managed switch series; embedded switches; and Stratix 2000 unmanaged switch series.

The companies have also developed a series of educational instructional reference documents called ‘Reference Architectures’, which include design guides, white papers and educational seminars, webinars, and profiles that offer best practice guidance for designing, implementing and maintaining plant-wide network architectures.

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