Automated valve controls for uncomplicated and cost-optimised processes


In order to meet market requirements and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation, machines and systems in manufacturing environments should be automated to an ever increasing extent. Anyone who develops, produces and installs machines for manufacturing, such as the food industry, will need to forward-think automation concepts that help keep manufacturing costs under control.

Digitalisation is a great opportunity to make your machines and plants safer and more maintainable. Automation does not have to be complicated. Intelligent solutions will win you over with simple wiring and tubing, minimal space requirements for cables, flexible digital networking and quick installation and start-up.   

Greater productivity is achieved thanks to intelligent control heads from Bürkert. In offering decentralised automation solutions, you’re able to locally control process valves to ensure your plant functions efficiently. The technology is embedded in the control heads – a concept with many advantages including: fast switching valve systems – for rapid start-up and expansion and digital communication standards – for reliable operation and predictive maintenance. 

Intelligent process valves minimise your risk of failure and ensure predictable maintenance. Decentralised automation technology uses a unique principle for this purpose: Control heads in the process valves communicate digitally with your control level and signal the actual status locally. The smart diagnostic function also ensures you always know the status of your plant and can react quickly to any errors that may occur. 

By making the switch to intelligent automation, you’ll be saving costs from the day you install, and the ongoing bottom line improvements don’t stop there. For example: To switch a pneumatic process valve, both the actuator volume and the pneumatic air hose must be pressurised. This air volume can be seen as lost energy, as it does not contribute to actuator operation at all. With a decentral automated process valve, this loss of volume is completely eliminated, since the pilot valve is located directly at the process valve actuator.  

Many Bürkert customers already rely on individually controlled process valves with intelligent control heads. Discover how you can become more productive with decentralised automation.  

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