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Automated lean manufacturing take-up slow: Cincom survey

Only 23 per cent of aerospace and defence manufacturing plants are using automated lean manufacturing techniques and shared business processes, according to a survey performed by Cincom — a global business software and services company.

According to Cincom’s report, nearly half of aerospace and defence manufacturers surveyed rely on redundant data input (meaning a limited amount of shared data between manufacturing modes) to manage their mixed-mode manufacturing processes.

According to Cincom, redundant input processes increase the likelihood of errors and also mean manufacturers are paying for the same process multiple times.

Around 23 per cent of the IT and sales professionals interviewed were using lean manufacturing and another eight per cent were using manual processes, however the fewest number of respondents used an automated, integrated system.

According to Cincom Systems of Australia regional director, Greg Mills, an automated and integrated system is the best option for manufacturers.

“Aerospace and defence manufacturers should focus on getting order-capture, and order-management processes as efficient as possible first and then automating them. This frees up one of the most valuable resources companies have ? time to address their customers’ unmet needs and invest in becoming a trusted advisor,” he said.

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