Automate your plant close to the process: Flexibility with compact solutions


Bürkert supports customers with optimally coordinated, compact solutions that fit into existing structures offering flexibility – after all, you have to think about tomorrow today and also consider future innovation in the context of digitisation. Discover just how easy it is to combine our wide range of components and integrate valve islands, control cabinets and process valves into an automation system. 

When does the concept of distributed automation come into question for you? 

  • If you need valves arranged densely in the system
  • If you want a flexible formation of sub-systems
  • If you want to subsequently automate individual process steps. 

With the Bürkert system solution, the required components such as control cabinets or field modules and process valves are optimally matched to each other and can be smoothly connected with intelligent components. A pre-qualified platform facilitates both the planning and the engineering effort. The distributed automation concept can be expanded at any time with minimal effort. 

Process reliability and product quality directly in the field – without the need of control cabinets 

If fast switching, reduced cabling and space saving are important to you, the innovative AirLINE Field valve terminals from Bürkert offer a compact solution. Installed directly near the process, the valves switch extremely quickly due to the short pneumatic travel distances. Therefore, you’ll need less compressed air and energy consumption. Distributed control enables you to quickly and accurately identify faults and to switch off individual modules instead of the whole plant. Ultimately saving you time and money. 

Advantages of distributed devices 

  • Controls positioned close to the field devices and the actual production process 
  • Short wiring ensures fast valve switching times and low compressed air consumption 
  • Flexible concept enables further cylinders to be connected at a later date.

Speak to Bürkert and discover how our products and field devices can assist in future-proofing your plant.  

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