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Autodesk Acquires T-Splines Modeling Technology Assets

Autodesk has acquired certain technology-related assets from T-Splines, a privately-held surface modeling software company, based in Utah.

“The technology acquisition will strengthen our Digital Prototyping portfolio with more flexible free-form modeling and will help achieve even closer integration between industrial design and engineering workflows,” said Buzz Kross, senior vice president, Manufacturing Industry at Autodesk.

“T-Splines technology will benefit designers and engineers that require watertight surfaces for downstream analysis and manufacturing.

"The T-Splines technology addresses some important limitations that are inherent in conventional NURBS surfaces. T-Splines are based on solid mathematical principles. An important practical consideration is that T-Splines are forward and backward compatible with NURBS," says Dr Rich Riesenfeld, Founder of B-splines in CAD.

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