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Australia’s manufacturing future to be discussed in Melbourne

Making Australia’s Future, a conference designed to provide engineers and strategists in Australia’s manufacturing sector with the best advice on pertinent industry issues.

Melbourne University will be the venue for this highly practical afternoon of seminars, debate and discussion, on November 29.

Cochlear Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Logistics, Dig Howitt, will set out valuable action points on how Australian factories can establish and maintain a world-class culture of innovation.

Hawker de Havilland’s General Manager for Business Development Jo Staines will show manufacturers how to capitalise on opportunities in the international aerospace industry.

ANCA executive turned consultant, Linsey Siede, will share his wisdom on how Australian manufacturers can better design and build products for export. In his six years at ANCA, Siede’s responsibilities encompassed all of the company’s global operations, including branches in the US, China, UK, Italy, Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Israel, and agents in more than 25 countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Bishop Manufacturing Technology operations manag¬er Lee Edgecombe will outline what works to connect young people with the manufacturing industry today. Edgecombe’s passion for this topic has seen him energetically pursue part¬nerships will schools and train¬ing institutions over the years, with recent successes.

One of the most fascinating presentations is sure to come from David Farrell, a director of Thompson Couplings. The company recently won the Bradfield Prize for Engineering Excellence from the Sydney Chapter of Engineers Australia, and also Gold Prize at the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia, for its friction-free constant velocity joint. Farrell will outline vital lessons on the early stages of innovation and commercialisation.

To be internationally competitive, Australian manufacturers need world-class manufacturing lines. Sage Automation director, Jason Taylor will suggest practical tools to achieve this, in his presentation titled: “Getting more out of your manufacturing line”.

Australian Made Campaign CEO, Ian Harrison will deliver a practical presentation on how manufacturing in Australia can be part of a company’s success.

BlueScope Steel, Toyota, ICN are also promising speakers for Making Australia’s Future, but are not at this staying who they will be.

A highlight of the afternoon will be a debate on the topic: “Going green is Australia’s greatest manufacturing opportunity today”. Representing the affirmative case will be Jon Ward from Sustainability Victoria and Ian Young of the Manufacturing Best Practice Program. They will oppose two of Australia’s most talented university debaters.

Question times after each of the presentations and networking into the evening will provide attendees opportunity to follow up on points of interest.

To register visit or call 1300 360 126 for details.

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