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Australia’s engineers integral to an effective defence strategy

 Australia’s engineers are integral to effective defence planning, procurement and operations, said Board Member and defence spokesperson at Engineers Australia, Greg Walters.

“Australia’s security is engineering-intensive,” Walters said in response to the Defence White Paper.
“When making long-term decisions, government needs to consider the skills needed to build and maintain assets and plan accordingly.”

“Engineers Australia would like to see engineering-intensive work performed in Australia, to the greatest extent possible.”

“Engineers Australia backs local industry options. It's the capability of the people working on the design, development and delivery of our defence systems who create and shape the acquisition, sustainment and operation of our national defence capability.”

“It is critical that defence has sufficient engineering capability to be an informed buyer, and to be self-sufficient in the sustainment and operation of its major assets.”
“The only way for that to occur is for Australian industry to be a central participant in the procurement, design and build process.”

“Without the combined efforts of engineers in both defence and industry, it will not be possible to effectively manage the operational and sustainment phases of major assets, such as our future submarines, future frigates and offshore patrol vessels.”

“The boom/bust cycle, or ‘valley of death’, in defence acquisition is incompatible with consistent employment and maintaining the capability required to sustain major defence equipment in Australia.”

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