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Australia’s best for manufacturing conference

The 2008 Australian Made Conference, being held in Darling Harbour, Sydney, on November 18, is fast approaching and promises to be a day of practical, informative sessions on successful manufacturing in Australia and on the global stage.

Speakers will include Australian Made campaign chief executive Ian Harrison who will discuss how manufacturers can go global and take an Australian brand overseas; Bob Paton, Manufacturing Skills Australia’s CEO who will talk about making Australia’s manufacturing future; and CEO of Blakemore Consulting International, Dr John Blakemore, who will discuss creating and innovating for global growth.

Other sessions on the day will feature ‘manufacturing for success in Australia’ and ‘leveraging consortia/alliances to compete on the world stage’ plus a lively debate with industry professionals on ‘how green can manufacturing go before it puts you in the red’.

A cocktail hour will follow this year’s dynamic conference so you can network with like-minded colleagues. The rate is $175 per person — click here to download your registration form.

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