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Australians “overwhelmingly negative” about broadband


Australians are more dissatisfied with broadband than any other type of infrastructure, according to the Global @dvisor Infrastructure Index 2016.

The study declared Australian views on high speed broadband “overwhelmingly negative”, with 38 per cent of the 1000 respondents rating it ‘good’ and 53 per cent rating it ‘poor’.


Furthermore, out of the 26 countries (18,517 people) surveyed, Australia ranked 23rd for satisfaction. The nation’s satisfaction quotient was 38/100, compared to an average of 54. As can be seen below, South Korea, the US and Sweden topped the list with satisfaction quotients of 70, 68 and 68 respectively.


Other forms of infrastructure featured in the study include energy-generation infrastructure, rail (train/stations), water supply and sewerage, local road network, motorway/major roads, airports, new housing supply and flood defences.

Australians were least satisfied with broadband, followed by the local road network, major roads and rail. Out of these four infrastructure types however, Australians prioritise broadband the lowest. Both major and local roads top the list.

According to the study, 59 per cent of respondents feel that “we are not doing enough to meet our infrastructure needs”, and 70 per cent view investment in infrastructure as vital to future economic growth. However, Australians are more against foreign investment than for it (39 per cent compared to 27 per cent) and 64 per cent justify delays to infrastructure projects if it means that local communities’ views can be heard properly.

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