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Australian synchrotron receives funding

Australian researchers will continue to undertake research in areas such as health, manufacturing and food security-in Australia thanks to a new program to manage researcher access to the Australian Synchrotron.

The program will be managed by Monash University with the support of the Federal Government's investment of $30 million. Australian universities will also invest around $25 million.

The unique properties of synchrotron light provide experimental research results that are more accurate and clear than those obtained using traditional laboratory equipment.

Under the Synchrotron Initiative, Monash University will implement a peer‑reviewed, merit-based program to ensure Australian and overseas universities and medical research institutions benefit from synchrotron access over the next four years.

This $30 million Government investment is being provided by the Australian Research Council ($25 million) and National Health and Medical Research Council ($5 million).

The NHMRC previously funded the development of a medical beamline on the Synchrotron. This additional funding will help ensure the beamline is fully utilised.

As the Australian Synchrotron can be used to study the most precise nature of any biological and industrial material, it can be used by almost any industry across a wide range of research fields.

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